Ethical Project

Enterprise Social Responsability

Ethical project

E-time is based on people and their value.

This is because we are convinced that to create added value to our client, technology alone is not enough, but the expert human figure which tames it and uses it to their best advantage is fundamental.

To do this, passion and profound respect for their own jobs is required. E-time software house has approved and runs a specific ethical project to improve the job quality of its staff, therefore also improving productivity and peace of mind. This ethical project involves the environment and provides help to those who are in need.


Value for people

We recognize the difficulties that families face, and we want to create a staff of serene and satisfied people, happy with the place where they pass the majority of their day. Therefore E-time also grows strong and healthy, creating a united group and avoiding needless turnover of personnel.


Agile Remote Working

The job of programmer is very stressful. To contribute to relieving the stress of our employees, we have set up the project to remove the “clock in” system, which is often the cause for the first peak in stress of the morning. In 2015 we activated the possibility for employees to work at home, or elsewhere, if they prefer, which takes advantage of Agile Remote Working technology, therefore further reducing stress by eliminating the stress of commuting or simply queuing for lunch in the canteen. There’s no place like home….


A represent useful aids

Each year E-time donates a part of its profits to international projects to help populations plagued by social and economic problems. The latest donation was in favour of education for minors. Education is a child’s right, but for many in some areas of the world it is nearly impossible to go to school. In 2014 E-time donated the budget destined for Christmas hampers to Save the Children. This sum was an important contribution to providing schooling for children in both Italy and overseas.

This gift is a sign that together a simple donation can change lives.